Geothermal Heat Pumps: Common Questions Answered

The earth itself is virtually an untapped resource when it comes to heating and air conditioning systems, but a new innovation in the industry is promising to make use of this sustainable source of clean energy. A geothermal heat pump, or ground-source heat pump (GSHP), is a heating and cooling system that makes use of the constant subsurface temperature of the earth as a coolant in the summer and a heat source in winter.

Despite being an energy-efficient alternative to gas-powered heating units, many people still have questions about HVAC installation of geothermal heat pumps. Here are the most common questions about GSHPs answered.

Will It Work Where I Live?

HVAC installation of GSHP’s involves digging a 10-feet deep hole for the heat exchange. At this depth, the earth maintains an almost constant temperature of 54 degrees. This is true throughout the country, which means that geothermal heat pumps will work wherever you are in the United States, with only slight variations in performance and efficiency.

Can It Replace My Old HVAC Installation Fully?

A geothermal heat pump is designed to supplement a gas furnace for your home’s heating and cooling needs. For temperate areas with no extreme changes in seasonal temperatures, a stand-alone GSHP may work but most experts recommend using it alongside your existing system. A large chunk of the heating and cooling load is handled by the GSHP, saving you money in the long run.

How Much Is It?

Pricing depends on many different factors. The total cost of an HVAC installation of geothermal heat pumps is comprised of the indoor system and the outdoor system. For homes with existing systems, the indoor portion of the cost will be greatly reduced. The outdoor portion, on the other hand, depends on the size of your home, the heating or cooling capacity needs of your home, the size of the heat exchange, and the type of unit you’re looking to install.

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