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With colder weather approaching, many people will benefit from having some work done to their home’s heating units. No matter whether you plan on having a few adjustments made, certain faulty parts serviced, or a new system installed altogether, here at All Climate Heating and Air Conditioning, we can provide you with everything that you

What Does SEER Stand For?

You probably ask yourself ‘what is SEER?’ whenever you hear discussions about air conditioning. Basically, SEER is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It measures the cooling efficiency of air conditioning and its performance is measured by dividing the cooling output by the total electric energy input in a certain time frame. You will

What To Look For When Choosing A New Heater, Heat Pump Or Air Conditioning Unit?

If your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner has broken down, you probably want to replace it as soon as possible. However, you do not want to make an uninformed decision. Below are some of the mistakes people often make when choosing a new heater, air conditioner or heat pump: Ignoring The SEER SEER is

New Technology In Heating And Cooling Systems

Effective insulation makes every building comfortable to live in. Adoption of an efficient system can turn a home into a retreat of comfort, cool during summers and warm during chilly winters with minimal operational costs. The rise in power costs has necessitated the need for more energy efficient systems. Equipment manufacturers have been forced to

Furnace Repair

Benefits Of Annual Furnace Maintenance

We all know that in order to maintain our health there are certain actions we must take on a regular basis. Those actions include going to the doctor for an annual checkup each year, as well as visiting the dentist once or twice per year. Though these actions can be costly and most of the

The Five Most Common Furnace And Heating Problems

Just like other machines, furnace and heating systems experience their own set of challenges. They usually break down due to so many reasons and as a homeowner, you need to be aware of such causes so that you may know what to do when they occur. These common problems require the attention of a professional

Five Furnace Warning Signs To Know

We expect our home’s to be at comfortable temperatures year-round, no matter what the weather is outside. Our furnaces and air conditioning units work hard to keep our homes warm or cool when necessary. When something goes wrong with our furnace or HVAC system, we often have no idea what has happened or why. However,

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Important Tips Of Choosing The Right HVAC Contractor

With summer coming to a close and the heating season not far off, many homeowners are worried about the high cost of heating their home’s this winter. Fortunately, a professional heating and cooling contractor can offer excellent advice on energy saving tips as well as help you get your equipment in top operating condition. With

Regular air conditioning maintenance service can prevent expensive repairs

It’s Not Too Late For End Of Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance

Most homeowners know that a quality HVAC system can be a major investment. Of course, it’s also a big part of being able to keep your home comfortable, regardless of the season. Fortunately, with winter not too far off, now is an excellent time to consider important A/C maintenance. While many people take care of

Will Efficiency Standards Be Going Up For HVAC Equipment?

Many people are wondering if HVAC efficiency standards will be going up any time in the near future. After all, back in 2009, the US Department of Energy, DOE, had worked together with experts in both the HVAC industry as well as those in utilities field in an attempt to find an effective way to