Geothermal Heating and Cooling Myths

Geothermal HVAC systems make indoor air hotter or colder by relying on the relatively stable temperature of the earth beneath our feet. These systems are not yet widely used, and many consumers hold mistaken beliefs about how they operate and how well they perform. Let’s take a look at the truth behind some of the

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The Surprising Benefits of Controlling Indoor Air Quality

Most of us never think about the air we breathe, especially when inside. Don’t assume that your air is just fine. Indoor air quality can vary a lot and being able to control it allows you to control how comfortable you feel in your home, how efficiently your HVAC system runs, and even how healthy

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Duct Cleaning: Scam or Worth it?

The air ducts in your home work hard every day circulating the air you breathe and heating and cooling your home. So they deserve a little love and attention, right? Not necessarily. Duct cleaning services are offered by most HVAC service providers, but before you pay for it, make sure it’s really worthwhile. Routine Duct

Heating Maintenance

Lower Winter Bill With Heating Maintenance

Truly! Heating Maintenance Can Lower Your Bills. It is essential to understand why heating maintenance is so critical. Many home owners dread the winter season. Not only does the winter mean that you are stuck indoors but it also means you will require heat in the home. This means running the heating system and the

Heating System Efficiency

Improve Efficiency Of Heating System

Our technicians at All Climate like to keep our customers informed on the latest trends in HVAC. During this winter season, fuel prices are down. Combined with a relatively mild winter forecast in the works, it appears that home owners will be able to enjoy lower heating costs this year. If the predictions are correct

Heating System Maintenance

Heating System Maintenance Saves Money

Heat That Escapes Your House Makes You Lose Money! Heat can flow out of the home in two different ways, via transmission and then air leakage. With both, the leakage occurs from the surfaces of the home. All of the doors, windows, roof, floor and walls will have an effect on the way that air

Bryant Air Filters

Pollutants Arrested by Air Filters

Air filters are an important piece of your home’s heating and cooling system. As a result, dirty home air filters are one of the top causes of heating and cooling system issues and problems. For this reason, it is important to keep your air filters cleaned and well maintained. You should replace or clean your

Radiant Heating Boiler

Repairing Radiant Heating The Right Way

This article is going to focus on Radiant Heating systems and below we are going to tell you the correct way to repair your radiant heat system. No matter what type of HVAC system you have you should always make sure that it is repaired the correct way. Here at All Climate our company is

Heating Maintenance

Heating Maintenance – Prepare for Winter

Have You Really Prepared for Winter? Heating Maintenance – Is that really needed? Do I have to spend money for your technician to visit my home when everything is working? What could go wrong? Can I not call when something does go wrong? These are common questions we have come across. While the weather is

Water Heater Placement

Water Heater Placement

When you are installing a new water heater, you must know a few things to make sure you have the best use of the system. The top selling systems right now are the tankless water heaters. Here at All Climate we work with a variety of makes and models of the systems so that you