Solar Panel Experts Explain How Air Conditioners Are Made

Air conditioning systems are in practically every home and business—for good and necessary reason. They make the interior feel more comfortable regardless of the weather conditions outside. How do they work, though? The answer is that each unit is more than the sum of its parts.

Today, HVAC experts of All Climate Heating and Air Conditioning will explain how its parts are combined to make a single unit.

Step One: Creating the Parts

An air conditioner is made from a variety of high-quality materials and plastics. Sheet metal is formed, punched, cut, bent, or drilled into a useful shape or form. Large plastic pieces are usually vacuum-formed, while smaller pieces are cast. In addition, all metal parts will be completely cleaned of oil, grease, dirt, and lubricants before the powder-coating process. Powder-coating is a process to permanently “bake” paint to the material, which ensures that the paint does not fade, flake, or chip away.

Step Two: Assembling the Parts

Making an air conditioner is a complicated process, so there are instances where it is more efficient to delegate the construction of other parts to different manufacturers. For example, the pump can come from an outside supplier. Assembling the air conditioner involves installing the various electric controls, the outside condenser, inside condenser, and compressor together.

Step Three: Quality Control and Charging the Air Conditioner

As a solar panel and HVAC expert, we only offer top brands. This is because leading manufacturers double and triple check the quality of individual components at various stages of the process. They also execute strict performance tests. Overlooked coolant leaks or mistakes in the charging process lead to product breakdowns, which these tests prevent. Once a product passes all tests, it is then packaged for transportation to a warehouse, where it can be distributed and then sold.

Highest Quality Air Conditioners From All Climate Heating and Air Conditioning

Whether you are getting a new air conditioner, furnace, or water heater, one thing is certain. You need to work with the right professional for the best results. All Climate Heating and Air Conditioning has been installing these products and more since 1991. We use only the best and latest products and technologies. We are also Seattle’s largest Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer.

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