All Climate greatly enjoys helping our customers make the move to “green” energy solutions, and one of our favorites is Geothermal Heat Pump installations. We specialize in geothermal heat pumps installation solutions throughout the greater Puget Sound area that can save you substantial amounts of money on utility bills. A geothermal installation uses the energy of nature and goes a long way in protecting our environment.

How Our Geothermal Heat Pump Installation is Different

A geothermal heat pump installation is a big decision, since the initial cost is higher than normal gas/electric installations. We build on the foundation of Bryant equipment, and we design and install your geothermal system the right way, so that you achieve maximum efficiency and reliability.

When you trust your valuable money, and the comfort of your home with All Climate, you will not be disappointed. We are NATE certified, Bryant Factory Authorized, carry a BBB A+ rating, plus we maintain Puget Sound Energy referrals and are Snohomish PUD certified. These accreditations exemplify our commitment to your satisfaction!

If geothermal is not available on your location, All Climate also focuses on regular gas and electric equipment as well. We don’t force you into a limited selection, and tell you it’s the best way to go. Conversely we provide a myriad of options for indoor comfort control which allows us to provide the ideal system for your unique requirements!

Every installation we do is handled with industry leading knowledge, and our high attention to detail sets our work apart.

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Photos of Our Geothermal Heat Pump Installation on the Job

Below are a few photos of our completed geothermal heat pumps on other homes.

geothermal-horizontal-loopHorizontal Loop

A horizontal loop is usually installed with homes that have a large amount of yard space. We will dig long trenches that are only a couple feet deep. Horizontal loops are more cost effective than vertical loops and usually quicker to install.

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geothermal-vertical-loopVertical Loop

Vertical loops are installed when there’s limited space available. Our team will use a drilling rig to dig down 150 feet. Vertical loops are more expensive and time consuming to install than horizontal.

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geothermal-well-water-loop Well Water Loop

Well water loops (open loops) are installed only when conditions call for it. The geothermal heat pumps unit will pull in the well water instead of re-using the same water compared to other loops.

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geothermal-pond-loopPond or Lake Loop

Pond or lake loops are used when a home is located near a controlled body of water. Our team will dig trenches from the home to the body of water. Beneath the body of water, coils will be installed to connect to the pipes in the trenches. These coils will utilize the water to heat and cool your home.

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