Gas Furnace Service

All Climate Heating & Air Conditioning offers all of the furnace repair services that you need. We have a full staff of highly skilled specialists who are specifically trained to work on your gas furnace repairs and/or installation. We offer everything from furnace repair and maintenance to new installations so you, as a homeowner can rest assured that your furnace will be professionally serviced and maintained.
As a homeowner, we recommend you have a basic understanding of your heating equipment and how it operates. While we do not expect you to make repairs yourself, you should have a good understanding of how your gas furnace works so that you will know when the right time to call a professional is. Many small things can contribute to a furnace malfunction:

Gas Furnace

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Lack of regular maintenance is generally the number one cause of a furnace break down. While a homeowner can do basic maintenance such as filter replacement, we recommend you call a professional to perform yearly factory approved maintenance. Maintaining your furnace properly and performing annual tune-ups ensures your warranty stays current, helps maintain an energy efficient gas furnace all while keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Pilot Light

Your gas furnace has a pilot light that should always be lit and a visual inspection can determine if your pilot light is burning correctly. A burner flame that burns yellow instead of blue may be a sign that your furnace is creating carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and is nothing to ignore. If you think your burner flame is yellow, you should contact us immediately! We will make sure that your home and its occupants are not exposed to this potentially lethal gas.

Air Filter

The air filter traps dust and pollutants circulating through the air system. It is extremely important that you keep your air filter cleaned properly or changed regularly, because a dirty filter clogged up by dust will affect the air flow through your ducts lowering your indoor air quality and affecting the comfort inside your home. An air filter is something very simple that you yourself can change. For do-it-yourselfers, we offer a specialty filter program that regularly ships filters directly to your home so you can change them yourself. If you have any questions about how and when to change your air filter, please give All Climate a call. We would be glad to assist you.

Air Flow

If you begin to notice poor airflow in your home, it’s probably time to contact us. Poor airflow may be a sign that something is wrong. We have a staff of highly trained furnace technicians that can evaluate and repair your air flow issues and help improve the efficiency of your furnace.


Thermostats have become a highly efficient piece of technology that can be very complex. If you do not understand your thermostat or how to program it, we are available to help. A poorly functioning thermostat can negatively affect the entire system and create uncomfortable conditions in your home. Let us program your thermostat for maximum efficiency.

All of us at All Climate promise to treat you with the proper respect that you deserve and will finish your job to your complete satisfaction. Contact us when you have heating or air conditioning issues!

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