In many of today’s homes, HVAC systems operate via a series of duct work. Air ducts are used to move warm or cool air through the home based on the temperatures settings of a heating or cooling system. The air duct system is comprised of a series of tubing that will provide clean and fresh air for you to enjoy a comfortable home. At All Climate, we understand the importance of duct work and ventilation, allowing you to have a comfortable and healthy home. We can provide you with the services you need, such as air duct cleaning for air conditioning services systems as well as heating units in your home. With our HVAC Maintenance service, we can ensure your home will be comfortable for years to come.

What is Duct Work?Air Duct Cleaning and Furnace repair services

When you have certain HVAC systems in the home, you will have a series of flexible or metal tubing that is used to connect your unit to every room in your home. A small vent will be placed in the ceiling, wall or floor of the home to bring the air into the room for your comfort.

Air Quality in the Home

With your duct work, the air will be moving from outside the home into each room. HVAC systems can easily collect contaminants such as dust, fungus, mold, or bacteria that can be harmful to your health. Duct work must therefore be sealed properly to ensure there are no issues with the cleanliness of the air. We recommend that your unit is cleaned via the duct work on a regular basis to ensure that the air you are breathing is clean and pure.
Air duct cleaning is one way for home owners to clean the systems which carry air from your heating or cooling equipment. Our service will allow your unit to operate more efficiently since we are removing all of the debris from the mechanical components of your system.

Air Duct Cleaning Seattle

To schedule an air duct cleaning, contact our office for assistance. Our technicians use negative pressure and a special vacuum to remove unwanted particles from the inner workings of your duct work. This vacuum works by drawing air through the unit with a mobile device attached to the ducts. It will remove any unwanted contaminants from the duct work that may be stuck to the surface. While there are several methods of cleaning ducts of unwanted debris, All Climate uses the least invasive method to provide cleaner air to your home. Contact our office today to learn more about the duct cleaning process and how it can help you to have cleaner air in the home. We are ready to assist you today!