Selling Your Home? Make Sure You Repair These Things First

If you are planning on putting your home on the market this spring, you need to start thinking about which repairs you have to make before you list the house. If you want to get top dollar for your home, you’ll find that some repairs are more important than others. When it comes down to it, there are certain repairs that you’ll need to do if you want to attract buyers and others that you can leave for the new owners to tackle.

Making repairs to your home may require a significant investment upfront. However, repair costs will be far less than the cost of having to reduce your listing price when your home sits on the market too long. The key to getting the highest return on investment is choosing the home repairs that matter most in the homebuyer’s eyes. Below, we’ve put together a list of the must-have fixes that you’ll need to work on before listing your property.

3 Things to Fix Before Selling Your Redmond, WA Home

Here are just a few things that you will want to repair before you list your Redmond, WA home:

  1. Repair damaged flooring.

Damaged flooring is worth replacing as it can turn potential buyers away in a heartbeat. If you have wood flooring, this can be a major selling point for homebuyers. Refinish any scratched wood floors so that they appear move-in ready when you show your home. If you have any cracked tiles on the floors in your home, be sure to replace those as well before you put your home on the market. This ensures that your flooring has a seamless and finished look when potential buyers visit.

  1. Replace outdated light and plumbing fixtures.

Outdated light and plumbing fixtures can give your home an old vibe – and not in a cool, retro kind of way. Replace any outdated ceiling fixtures and bathroom faucets with new brushed nickel fixtures. This helps give your home a more modern vibe. The best part is that this minor repair requires only a minimal investment, and many homeowners are able to tackle this revamp on their own.

  1. Remove popcorn ceilings.

Popcorn ceilings can turn away the majority of your potential buyers. Not only do these ceilings look old and tacky, but popcorn ceilings in homes built before 1979 are likely to contain asbestos. This means that this is one project that you cannot do yourself. It’s vital that you hire someone who is licensed to remove it so that it is removed safely. If you have a newer home, you may be able to remove the dreaded popcorn yourself by wetting and scraping it.

In the end, quick fixes often payoff more than huge makeovers or remodels. The bottom line is that you need to consider whether or not you will make your money back on a project before you start the repair. If the updates won’t pay off in the end, then save yourself the time, money, and hassle.

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