Harness Energy From The Sun

If you know anything about us, you know that at All Climate, we love green energy solutions. We offer products and systems that allow our customers to access renewable energy for not just lower utility bills, but a better tomorrow. Our renewable solar energy systems help homeowners tap into the largest, renewable energy source in the universe…the sun!

What Are My Renewable Solar Energy Options?

At a basic level, there are two primary options for solar energy. They are grid inter-tied and off grid solar systems. A grid inter-tied setup means your home is still connected to the utility power grid. This provides backup power when solar production is low, and with some utilities, you can actually “sell” power back to the grid when solar production is high and exceeds the demands of your home.

An off grid system is obviously completely disconnected from the utility power grid. Although this system isn’t used much in our area, a natural gas powered generator can be added to provide backup power when solar production is low.

Cost of Solar Energy Installation and Environmental Impact?

This depends on the amount of solar panels you install, the type of system, and current local rebates. Fortunately, Washington does have incentives for homeowners installing solar panels on their homes, and the payback period is now much less than it used to be. Also, greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions saved by solar systems on a home can be the equivalent of planting 100 trees or recycling 1.2 tons of waste in a year!

The elephant in the room.

We know what you’re thinking. “This all sounds good, but energy from the sun in our overcast city?” Don’t feel bad, it’s a common question. The good news is that Western Washington provides plenty of sunlight to make a solar energy installation from All Climate, a great decision. In fact, Germany is the world leader in solar systems, and as a country, they receive less sunlight then the Seattle area!

If you’re interested in Renewable Solar Energy Solutions in the Seattle area, you’ve found the right contractor! We have the years of experience, and technical knowledge required to provide you with the finest in green energy products!


Learn More About Solar Energy

Infinite Solar is an organization dedicated to providing information about solar panels and energy systems. All Climate is not partnered with them in any way, but wanted to include their YouTube® video which has nice, basic information.

The down-loadable PDF to the right is a guide from the city of Seattle that may also prove useful. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a free in-home estimate, simply call us today at 425-746-3077. We look forward to helping you enhance the quality of your home!


All Climate Solar Energy Installation – Job Photos

View photos of our work — Thanks for your interest in renewable energy solutions from All Climate Heating & Air Conditioning!