America’s first commercial power plant was designed by Thomas Edison in 1882. It was built in New York, and it was a cogeneration power plant. Cogeneration has been around for over 100 years, but what is it exactly?

Cogeneration is also known as Combined Heat and Power or CHP. It is the process of producing electricity and heat from the same energy source, and can save homeowners up to 40% on energy costs. All Climate is proud to be the leader in cogeneration adaptation and products for the greater Seattle area. Below are photos of a couple installations, with additional information about the equipment.

Cogeneration Systems:

Freewatt Plus Warm Air SystemFreewatt Plus Hydronic System

Freewatt Plus Warm Air System

The warm air Freewatt Plus system employs a 95% efficient two-stage variable speed condensing furnace combined with the Honda MCHP power module to provide space heating and electric power.

As well as backup power in the event of a power failure. A high efficiency MERV 8 Air Filtration device is included to help improve air quality. This system also comes with a Domestic hot water heat exchanger option.

Freewatt Plus Hydronic System

The hydronic Freewatt plus system used the hydronic HI module and control module to integrate the Honda MCHP power module with a super-efficient residential boiler. This modulating condensing boiler captures 95% of the available energy. The advanced microprocessor control continuously adjusts the system’s output to match the home’s heating load.

The hydronic Freewatt plus offers an optional indirect hot water tank, which will satisfy the home’s hot water needs and allow for year-round electricity generation. Hydronic Freewatt plus can provide space heating, water heating, electric power and backup power for your hydronic heating system application.

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