Lighting Our Way to a Brighter Future with Solar Energy

Renewable energy is often referred to as “alternative energy,” in reference to its perpetual outsider status.

But for solar energy the term ‘alternative’ is well on its way to becoming obsolete. Solar is moving toward the mainstream at lightning speed, and the time is rapidly approaching when solar panels will be a legitimately affordable option for homeowners, business owners and real estate developers everywhere.

Solar Energy is a True Growth Industry

In the second decade of the 21st century, solar energy in the United States seems to have reached its tipping point. Rapid growth in demand is a constant; between 2012 and 2013, for example, the number of orders for residential installations soared by an astonishing 60 percent, while commercial installations of solar panels jumped by approximately 40 percent.

Fortune 500 companies and middle-class homeowners alike have been leaping head first into the solar energy pool, a trend that has been spurred by rising financial competitiveness of solar photovoltaic technology. According to studies carried out by the non-profit Institute for Local Self-Reliance, the cost of solar energy has been shrinking at an average rate of about seven percent annually, and in some states solar power is already cheaper to produce by the kilowatt-hour than the grid-manufactured alternative.

China’s Solar Energy Adventure

In the United States investment brokers have been encouraging their clients to invest in solar, based on their belief in the industry’s long-term viability. Fully 92 percent of the American public supports aggressive development of solar energy, which should render it immune to the usual political posturing that environmentally-friendly initiatives so often face.

But the U.S. isn’t the only country where solar’s big move forward has been noticed. For a few years now China’s government has been subsidizing solar manufacturing at a massive level, and this generous support has helped Chinese energy companies capture half the world’s photovoltaic market. This has expanded the availability of solar products overall and helped push down consumer costs faster than previously predicted.

U.S. manufacturers are not giving up without a fight, however. China’s involvement in solar has triggered more ambitious research and development on this side of the planet, accelerating the pace of innovation in a field that had already been growing by leaps and bounds.

All Climate Heating & Air Conditioning is ‘all-in’ on Renewable Energy

More and more HVAC companies are becoming interested in solar panel technology, but only a few have the expertise necessary to actually install solar energy systems in homes and businesses.

But if you live in the Seattle area and have an interest in solar energy you are in luck, because All Climate Heating & Air Conditioning jumped on the solar train several years ago. We saw the transformational potential of this technology and embraced renewable energy in general as a natural expansion of our original business mission. The future of solar energy is bright, and the future of those who purchase it is even brighter.

If the prospects of solar excite you, contact us today and let’s discuss the possibilities together. We can connect you with rebates and offer you financing packages that will reduce your installation costs and make solar energy a choice you can afford.

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