What Would Happen If You Lost Power?

Do you have a home based business that relies on power to function? Or maybe you have a significant amount of food stored in freezers? Or you don’t want to freeze if the power goes out in the middle of a cold winter day? All Climate installs natural gas powered generators that will keep things operational in the event of a power failure.

Home Generator Redmond – Honeywell® Quality

We install Honeywell® automatic backup generators which have many improvements for 2013 making them better than ever before! Honeywell automatic backup generators provide many things that you’ll love like their Mobile Link™ monitoring software that informs you of any status change with the generator.

The smaller generators we offer use the quiet Generac OHVI® and the larger models feature low-speed engines that run at only 1800rpm making them incredibly quiet!

How A Home Generator Works

Home generators are powered by natural gas (your home’s existing fuel supply). The generator and transfer switch monitor utility power 24×7 which means you don’t need to manually start the generator in the event of a power outage – it will start automatically! Home generators are located outside, and within seconds of noticing utility power is out the generator starts automatically to supply power to your home. Then utility power comes back on, the generator automatically shuts down and goes to standby mode, ready for the next power outage.

Alternate Power Sources

Home generator Redmond — the need for backup power when the main grid is down can also be met with other solutions from All Climate. One such product is cogeneration! Cogeneration was invented by Thomas Edison and is method of generating electricity for your home, while capturing the heat energy that is a side effect of this process, and using that heat energy to heat your home or your water! All Climate is big into staying comfortable with efficient technologies – call us today at (425) 746-3077 to learn more!